Saturday, April 26, 2008

Etiqa Takaful Prima

At Etiqa Takaful, we want to help you meet your goals. By keeping your best interests at heart, we are able to provide you with the right plan to suit your needs; thus guiding you in the right direction towards achieving your goals.

Etiqa Takaful Prima is a special plan with scheduled returns and absolute freedom in the current financial planning… education, umrah and ziarah, travelling, investment etc.

The total coverage lump sum will be paid out within the effective contract period should death happen.

If total permanent disability happens, the coverage sum will be paid in 3 payments: 20% of the coverage amount and the Accumulated Participant Account and profit from the Participant Account when the disability is confirmed; 40% at the end of the first and second year from the date of disability.

Survival Benefits
Every 3 years beginning from the end of the third year of contract: 10% of the coverage amount based on an investment return of 4% per year.

Scheduled survival benefit balance including Participant Account as well as the Participant Account’s profit and Excess Participant Special Account.

The surrender value of the accumulated Participant Account from the second year of surrender.
For whatever reason, if you are not able to continue with the contribution, you may choose one of the options in the ‘provision of non-forfeiture’ to continue with the participation.

Qualification of Participation
Age limit: 6 months to 54 years (on the following birth date)

Etiqa Takaful Sarjana

As we at Etiqa Takaful, try to help you maximize your life, we also hope to help you maximize the lives and future of your children. Not only do we ensure that your child will receive the education he deserves, we also ensure that your child is covered should anything unexpected happen to him.

The Etiqa Takaful Sarjana Plan combines savings and coverage and is an effort to provide a special fund for your child’s future education.

Your child’s future is in your hands. How bright it shines could depend on the sort of education he receives. With proper strategic financial planning and coverage, Etiqa Takaful Sarjana’s comprehensive plan is a must for the future of your child.

Coverage Benefits
Should death or total permanent disability happen to the payer all the basic contributions including the Rider on the child except additional savings will be settled until the maturity date or when the child dies or experiences permanent total disability, whichever comes first.

Should the child die, this contract will pay the Coverage Benefit together with the Participant Account and the accumulated profit.

Should the child experience disability, this contract will pay a disability benefit as stated in the schedule.

Additional Benefits
Educational Fund Disbursement – Withdrawal of money from the Participant Account (AP) is allowed 3 years before the maturity date.

Maturity Benefits
Once this contract matures, the participant will receive the whole accumulated amount in the AP including the profit from the AP and the excess from the Participant Special Account.

Etiqa Takaful Warisan

We all hope that our legacy and lineage will carry on into the future; and that our future generations will be well taken cared of. Etiqa Takaful understands this concern and wish.

By taking into consideration your aspirations and hopes, we have designed a plan that helps you provide for those to come.

Etiqa Takaful Warisan is a takaful scheme that offers savings and coverage benefits which enable you to plan your finances for the wellbeing of yourself and the generations to come.

Enables the continuation of coverage until the age of 88 years even though the contribution has stopped. This is the advantage of Etiqa Takaful’s products.

At the end of the contract period, the total sum of the Participant Account will be returned together with the profit sharing from the participant’s account and the excess of the Participant Special Account.

Participation of children aged from 6 months is allowed with a coverage of up to RM200,000.

Should total permanent disability happen, the coverage sum will be paid in 3 payments.

20% from the coverage sum and Accumulated Participant Account as well as the profit from the Participant Account once the disability is confirmed, 40% at the end of the first and second year from the date of disability.

Qualification of Participation
Age limit : 6 months to 60 years.

Etiqa Takaful Mesra

Are you planning for the future? At Etiqa Takaful, we make it our point to understand what it is you want so that we can help you meet them by providing you with the right solutions.
By helping you save as well as providing you with the coverage you need, you now have one less thing to worry about it, so you can enjoy life even more.

MESRA is a plan offering coverage and savings elements.
From the fourth year of coverage, the contribution operation ratio is more towards savings which is as high as 75%.


The MESRA benefit is paid out if death or total permanent disability occurs and for the total permanent disability, the benefit will be paid out in instalments for 5 years with a sum of 10% per year and the final instalment at the rate of 60%.


The annual contribution sum that will be paid will determine the coverage amount that will be attained by multiplying with the multiplier schedule based on the age and duration of the coverage. The contribution ratio for savings gets bigger when the contract duration gets longer.


At Etiqa Takaful, we find out what you need and we provide you with what you need. Because we understand that not everybody’s requirements are the same, we make it flexible for you too, allowing you to maximise your quality of life.

Etiqa Takaful Sakinah offers two types of plans which will give options to whoever that wants to participate.

Etiqa Sakinah 1 – Periodical with Savings
Etiqa Sakinah 2 – Periodical


Etiqa Takaful Sakinah 1
Contains coverage and savings elements. The participant and his spouse not only enjoy the coverage benefits for Death and Permanent Disability but at the same time also the accumulated value of the Participant Account.

Etiqa Takaful Sakinah 2
Provides coverage for Death and Permanent Disability to the participant or his spouse who is insured. 100% of the benefit amount will be given to his spouse should death or the first permanent disability occur.

Option Benefits/Rider

Etiqa Takaful Sakinah 1

Death & Disability Due to Accident Benefits
Accident Indemnity Benefit
Hospitalisation Benefit
Critical Illness
Rider with duration

Etiqa Takaful Sakinah 2

Death & Disability Due to Accident Benefits
Accident Indemnity Benefit
Hospitalisation Benefit
Critical Illness


Annual minimum contribution of RM600.
Choice of contribution can be made either monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually.

Qualification of Participation

First Participant: Minimum 18 years and maximum 60 years.
Second Participant: Minimum 90 days and maximum 60 years.